Do you think you pay way too much in taxes?


You're not alone! Even the government thinks you pay too much. That's right, even the Government Accountability Office (GAO) thinks you pay too much! They estimate that taxpayers overpay taxes by almost a billion dollars each year due to mistakes they and their tax preparers make on their tax returns.

Typical tax professionals focus on putting the right numbers in the right boxes on the right forms. They do a great job recording history - usually the history you give chem!

Certified Tax Coaches~ focus on proactive tax strategies to save you money before April 15. They don't just record history - they help you write it.

Certified Tax Coaches~ have completed special training, along with ongoing continuing education requirements. They also must adhere to the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches'" Code of Ethics.


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Our Name Says It All

Not everyone shares the same opportunities for tax planning, but if you fall into one of these three groups, you can't afford to miss the benefits from their insight and analysis:

  • You own your own business
  • You own real estate
  • You manage investments

If you want to keep every dollar the law allows, you can't afford to wait until April 15. You need a plan that takes advantage of every legal deduction, credit, loophole, and strategy available.